Corporate philosophy

Besides the producer and the manufacturer, the trade is an additional factor within the metal market. However, traders can only be sure of gaining and sustaining acceptance provided they are ready to shoulder own responsibility. It is not sufficient simply to offer services. Traders have to intent on convincingly performing their functions in the market. This requires a high level of flexibility and initiative.

There is hardly any other industry where the risks are as great as in the nonferrous metal business. Volatility at commodity futures and foreign exchange markets often causes excessive price fluctuations. Reliability, loyally performing contracts and passing on market data and market analyses truly and accurately are the basis for creating confidence among business partners.


The success of a trading house essentially depends on the qualification and loyalty of its employees. The specific characteristics of the metal trade should be acquired by the younger generation at an early stage. Therefore we pay special attention to the training of our junior staff. Declared objective is to recruit the company’s manpower out of our own ranks.

One condition for a trading company is to be independent. Connected to this is the degree of discretion of the company´s decision-makers. Both are preconditions for the success in metal trading.


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